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Reading List

Here are some books I've read and something I learned from them. 

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This year I got even more interested in cyber privacy and the gigantic economy behind mass surveillance. 

Hate Inc.
x Matt Taibbi

I love this book. It's a must-read for journalists. Taibbi examines how the media became the steaming pile it is today and why we can't seem to look away. 

Privacy is Power
x Carisa Veliz 

In her new book, Veliz guides us through ways technology we use every day is exploiting our privacy and stealing our freedom. 

x Brunton & Nissenbaum

This is a great handbook on hiding in plain sight when you have to be on the grid. The authors offer various approaches to toss a monkey wrench in the gears of Big Tech's algorithms.

Cyber Privacy
x April Falcon Doss

Doss warns of devastating repercussions regarding our eroding online privacy citing 9/11, The Patriot Act, and Big Tech's accountability. 

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