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Limited Edition 3 of 20 Discraft signed ESP Buzzz 173-174 RastaFlight disc. 


The Discraft ESP Buzzz is the ultimate game-changer for your disc golf arsenal! This high-performance disc will elevate your game to new heights:


Unrivaled Control: The ESP Buzzz offers unparalleled control, allowing you to shape your shots with precision and accuracy. Whether you're navigating tight fairways or seeking optimal placement, this disc delivers the control you need.


Consistent Flight Path: Experience a dependable flight path on every throw. The Buzzz's balanced design ensures a reliable trajectory, whether you're throwing straight shots, hyzers, or anhyzers.


Impressive Glide: Watch your disc soar effortlessly through the air, thanks to the Buzzz's impressive glide. It maintains momentum and covers more distance, maximizing your potential on the course.


Versatility: Perfect for players of all skill levels, the ESP Buzzz excels in various weather conditions. It handles wind resistance exceptionally well, making it a go-to disc for any round.


Durable ESP Plastic: Crafted with top-quality ESP plastic, this disc is built to withstand wear and tear, maintaining its premium performance round after round.


Optimal Mid-Range Disc: As a mid-range disc, the Buzzz bridges the gap between your putters and drivers, giving you the confidence to tackle those crucial mid-range shots.


Superb Grip: The disc's comfortable and tacky feel ensures a solid grip in any weather, empowering you to execute your throws flawlessly.

Upgrade your disc golf game today with the Discraft ESP Buzzz. Elevate your skills, seize those birdies, and conquer the course like never before!

Dyed Rasta Flight Disc #3

SKU: 333
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