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The Foliage Foiler - Your Solution to Disc Recovery!

Did the sun get in your eyes or did your finger slip? The Foliage Foiler 16-foot telescoping rod with three interchangeable hooks will help that 2-meter rule not cost you a disc, too.

Key Features:

1. Extendable Reach: With an impressive reach that extends up to 16 feet, our retrieval tool gives you the power to access discs stuck in the most challenging locations. Say farewell to those unreachable discs and hello to hassle-free recovery.

2. Versatile Hook System: Adaptability is key, which is why we've included three interchangeable hooks to cater to various retrieval needs. Whether it's nestled high in a tree, nestled in thick underbrush, or floating in a pond, our retrieval tool has you covered.

3. Stainless Steel Construction: The telescoping pole is made from heavy-duty stainless steel with a nickel-plated finish for long-lasting durability. Built with excellent construction, it will remain stable even when stretched to 16ft. This ensures lasting durability, keeping your retrieval tool at your side for many successful rounds to come.

4. Rubber-Coated Grip: The rubber coating on the hooks is designed with your discs in mind. It provides a secure grip without causing any harm to your disc's surface, giving you peace of mind while rescuing your cherished equipment.


- Rescue Your Discs: Reclaim discs from high branches, dense vegetation, or water hazards effortlessly.

-Save Time and Money: No more leaving discs behind or spending hours trying to retrieve them. Our tool streamlines the process and keeps you on the course.

- Enhance Your Game: A reliable retrieval tool is an essential part of any disc golfer's toolkit, giving you the confidence to tackle challenging shots without worrying about potential losses.

Elevate your disc golf experience and never lose another disc again. With our Telescoping Disc Golf Retrieval Tool, you're equipped to handle even the trickiest retrieval situations. Get ready to conquer the course with confidence, knowing that your discs are always within reach.

Order now and take your disc golf game to new heights while keeping your equipment safe and sound. Your game-changing retrieval tool is just a click away!

Color: Blue

Material: Stainless steel

Package Contents:

1 * Telescoping Pole

1 * Straight Hook

1 * Double Hook

1 * Large Hook (Disc is not included)

Foliage Foiler - 16 Ft. Shrubbery Snatch 'n' Grab Guru

SKU: 14:173#blue
Excluding Sales Tax
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