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Dynamic Discs

Distance Driver 175g

Speed: 12

Glide:  5

Turn:  -0.5

Fade: 3


Prepare to shatter your distance records and dominate the fairways with the Lucid Trespass. Engineered for explosive power and unmatched control, this disc golf driver is your ticket to taking your game to new heights.

Key Features:

  • Lucid Plastic: Crafted from our premium Lucid plastic blend, the Trespass boasts exceptional durability, remarkable grip, and enduring flight stability, ensuring it remains a trusted companion in your disc golf journey.

  • High-Speed Dominance: The Trespass is designed to deliver jaw-dropping distance with its high-speed profile, making it a go-to choice for players who crave maximum distance potential.

  • Precise Accuracy: Despite its tremendous power, the Trespass offers a surprising degree of control, allowing you to hit your target with laser-like precision.

Lucid Trespass

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