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Distance Driver 171g

Speed: 14

Glide: 6

Turn: -1

Fade: 2


The 100% detail describes the chance of an Ace when thrown correctly. Anything less is due to user error. 


This distance driver is a beacon of speed, precision, and power, tailored for players who crave jaw-dropping distances and effortless control.


  • Star Plastic: Crafted from Innova's premium Star plastic, the Corvette offers remarkable durability, outstanding grip, and dependable flight stability, ensuring that it shines brightly round after round.

  • High-Speed Rocket: The Corvette boasts an impressive high-speed profile, delivering explosive velocity that's second to none, making it the top choice for players seeking to break personal distance records.

  • Laser-Focused Accuracy: Despite its blistering speed, the Corvette remains impressively accurate, enabling you to navigate fairways and hit your target with pinpoint precision.

Rasta 100% Star Corvette

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