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Disc Golf and the Art of Mindfulness (This Tool Might Help...)

In disc golf, where precision and strategy intertwine, players often find themselves fully immersed in the present moment. As each throw becomes an intentional act, the mind naturally gravitates towards a state of focus. This mindful engagement is not just a byproduct of the game but a cornerstone of its mental health benefits.

The meditative quality of disc golf extends beyond the physical act of throwing discs. The gentle rustle of leaves, the distant chirping of birds, and the soft thud as a well-aimed putt finds its mark—all contribute to a sensory symphony that grounds players in the here and now. This heightened awareness, cultivated through rounds on the course, translates into improved focus not just within the game but in various aspects of life.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, there are days that I just can’t sink a putt. It’s like it’s my first time holding a disc. It doesn’t feel right and I take it so personally. What am I doing spending all this time playing disc golf and going to events and spending my free time growing the sport, when it seems that I’m not developing my game. 

I picked up a free sticker from a local community event a few months ago. It’s an illustrated hand giving a thumbs up with the phrase, “Take it easy” under the hand. I put it on my mini marker so I read it every time I use it. It’s a simple reminder that, whether I make or miss, in the end I’m out here trying to have fun playing a game. Everything else is a distraction. And one of the biggest distractions is my smartphone. Don't get me wrong, I understand that a lot of round's scores are kept on UDisc or some other app to record throws. But it doesn't need to be every round. Especially when you play solo.

To complement this journey toward mindful living, consider extending the ethos of simplicity to your everyday technology. The Light Phone, a minimalist cell phone designed to promote intentional usage, aligns seamlessly with the mindfulness cultivated on the disc golf course. Free from distracting apps and notifications, the Light Phone encourages a focused and intentional approach to communication. Explore the intersection of mindfulness on the course and in your daily life by embracing the simplicity and clarity offered by the Light Phone. Receive a special discount using our referral link and embark on a harmonious journey towards mindful living, both on and off the disc golf course.

What are some of the ways that you practice mindfulness on the course? What mindset do you come into the game with, and what do you do when it gets off track? Ask yourself these questions and ponder your answers. Practice being mindful on the course and watch your score reflect it.


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Beau Thomas Art
Beau Thomas Art
Dec 05, 2023

Absolutely love your perspective on disc golf and mindfulness! The "Take it easy" reminder is such a simple yet powerful way to stay grounded and enjoy the game. Your insights about minimizing distractions, especially with the smartphone, are spot on. 👍

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